Here at Mental Muscle, I work with people of all ages, from children through to elderly, to help them overcome their emotional struggles.

The areas of counselling that I specialise in are:

● Trauma – including PTSD, anxiety, stress and depression.
● Life coaching.
● Children and youth.
● Bereavement and loss.

Every session is tailored to what the individual needs and our location within a gym means we can include active movement methods. This is helpful for people who find it is easier to open up and communicate whilst hitting a boxing bag or playing jump rope.

Our usual practice is to be seated in a quiet space however I believe in the importance of adjusting the environment to suit individuals. As a qualified counsellor and an active person myself, I understand the importance of physical activity and having flexibility in how we engage in conversation.


Before your first session we will have an initial chat over phone or Zoom. This enables us to connect and get to know each other a little before our first full session.

Each session is one hour and what we discuss is based on what you need. referral.


If you live outside of the Wellington area or are unable to attend the session in person we can meet over Zoom. These online sessions enable you to still access my services and keep the momentum with your progress going.


Mental Muscle is registered with the Ministry of Social Development as a counselling provider. If you are eligible for funding support for my services, please speak to your MSD Manager for a referral.